origins cover
Origins Cover

My short story, FINAL EXAMINATION, is included in the 2013 Anthology of speculative fiction by Division by Zero. This YA story asks the question: ”what if our world is just someone else’s science project?” Stories are eclectic and represent a wide range of styles united by the theme “Origins.” The book is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or click the book and go to the MiFi Writers website:

IRON AND ICE – short story published by, June 2013. Trina Andrews has spent the last 20 years rebuilding her life after trying to kill her sexually abusive older brother. Now he needs a bone marrow transplant and she’s his only hope. (adult fiction)

PAYBACK – short story published by Kaleidoscope Magazine, January 2011. 17 year old Beth uses a wheelchair and has been the target of school bullies for as long as can remember. When one of her fellow victims snaps and brings a gun to school to extract revenge, she finds Ryan, the bully ringleader lying bleeding in the hall. The gunman is returning to finish the job. Can she save him? Will she? (YA)

THE SHRINKING STONE – middle grade novel currently looking for a home. Clancy wants her life back! When her father went to prison, she lost everything; her home, her friends and most of her material possessions. Now she lives in a one bedroom shack behind the Sunoco station while her mom works two jobs. Then she receives a magical stone that grants wishes – but it shrinks every time it’s used.

But Clancy’s wishes have have disastrous results. When a family secret is revealed, Clancy’s choices bring her family to the brink of destruction. With the stone’s power depleted and time running out, will she sacrifice everything, even her life, to make things right?

HERMAN FINDS A FRIEND- short story published by Wee Wisdom Magazine, 1979. Baby elephant, Herman, hates the water so his friends make fun of him. Lonely and sad, Herman makes friends with a parrot and decides to run away. When his new friend is trapped under a waterfall, will Herman brave the water to save his friend? (ages 4-6)

THE LIES THAT BIND – A full length stage play which was named one of the Top 100 New Plays by Writer’s Digest in 2009. Bobby Tyler, adopted at birth and now 21 years old, seeks information about his birth parents from his mother and aunt. His search uncovers layers of family secrets and lies, that culminate in the destruction of the one person the family needed to protect the most. To view this script or inquire about the rights to perform it, please contact the author using the Contact Page.